A wealthy marriage, marked by indignities and humiliations, comes to an end. Shortly before the end of the divorce proceedings, the wife of a controversial media mogul awaits the final act when her lawyers explore her husband's assets.

According to their initial assessment, numerous assets were held by a previously unknown Swiss or Liechtenstein company, whose beneficiary was the husband, or ‘respondent’. According to his wife, his total assets included not only company shares but also real estate in various countries as well as bank balances, gold bullion, a collection of vehicles, patents, jewellery and works of art.



The petitioner's lawyers wanted the Swiss company identified as soon as possible, and linked to the respondent without any shred of doubt. In addition, REMARKABLE Research was to investigate for any further evidence of the respondent’s assets, and those of his company, worldwide.



The investigations revealed 2 Swiss stock corporations, probably linked to the respondent, however the beneficiaries could not be formally identified. Through extensive investigations in Switzerland, explosive documents were discovered, proving that both companies were founded by the respondent many decades ago. In addition, the two Swiss public limited companies had a stake in various European companies. The companies, like the husband, were also active in the media industry.

In addition, a total of 9 companies were assigned to a public limited company, each of which owned individual, previously unidentified, commercial properties. Further in-depth investigations in Switzerland revealed links between the joint-stock company and three Swiss banks. However, details of bank accounts, deposits and bank safe deposit boxes could not be identified.

Confidential sources reported that a public limited company was paying for storage space in a Geneva free port. It seemed evident that the reported valuable works of art were located here.

On Lake Como, a previously unknown villa and 5 underground parking spaces were identified. During on-site investigations, 4 Italian luxury vehicles with a total value of over €2.5 million were identified. In addition, a rare historic motorboat with an estimated value of €800,000 was discovered on the property.

Three companies were also found in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man with a possible connection to the respondent. However, all companies were closed more than 5 years ago and were therefore not investigated further in the first instance.

Patents registered to the husband and his companies were not discovered, which was to be expected for a media entrepreneur, however there were countless trademarks, licenses and copyrights held by a previously unidentified Dutch company owned by the respondent.



The client's law firm used the details gleaned during the research extremely successfully in their negotiations with the opposing party. The lawyers achieved a noticeably improved settlement for their client, and reached a quick agreement that was financially well above original expectations.