For a sharp mind, slight traces of the truth are enough
to discover everything further.


Strategic intelligence through independent investigations

Leaders In Litigation Support

The acquisition of secure, court-actionable information for criminal, civil, and arbitration proceedings is a core competence of REMARKABLE Investigations.
Each case is different and requires an exceptionally high level of analytical sensitivity. Our investigators are distinguished by their ingenuity, commitment, and depth of experience, enabling them to successfully solve even the most difficult problems. Adherence to the highest ethical principles and understanding of the legal specificities of procedural law form the basis for successful cooperation with you and your legal advisor.

Our investigators will make recommendations to reveal options throughout the strategy process or help strengthen your existing strategy with evidence and actionable insights.

Intellectual property cases have specific needs and require special skills. The REMARKABLE Investigations team has an extensive global network, enabling the covert procurement of a wide range of products. We have exclusive access to relevant individuals, companies and markets which is often essential to conduct test purchases of any kind successfully.


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Other Services

Review of compliance and
Reputational risks in transactions
and business relationships

Discrete searches for
background information
and assets

Evaluation and validation of
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