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Recovery through agile research

Next Level Asset Searches

REMARKABLE Research assists you in determining the assets of your opponent, business partner or competitor. By discreetly researching background information on the debtor's financial situation, you gain a decisive knowledge advantage to efficiently prevent asset shifts.

To enforce claims, prepare lawsuits, and enforcement actions, we search for assets of the opponent worldwide. This can be carried out rapidly and efficiently, even before legal action is taken.

Based on the specifics of each case, our experts can quickly determine a global strategy for the efficient execution of your claim and prepare enforcement measures locally.

Our research team has many years of experience, and an excellent network at home and abroad, to provide you with the desired information reliably and promptly.


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Other Services

Review of compliance and
reputational risks in transactions
and business relationships


Procurement of court-actionable
information for arbitration
and civil proceedings

Evaluation and validation
of electronic data sources